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From a modest 13,700 hectares in 1980, Genting Plantations’ landbank has since grown by leaps and bounds to 242,800 hectares (including the Plasma scheme) currently, spread over Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Indonesia. Genting Plantations endeavours to be a leader not only in size, but also in terms of high efficiency and productivity. Consistently achieving yields above the industry average, Genting Plantations has also earned wide recognition amongst peers as being one of the lowest cost producers. Genting Plantations currently owns eleven oil mills – one in West Malaysia, six in Sabah and four in Indonesia – with a combined capacity of 580 metric tonnes per hour.

Peninsular Malaysia

Northern Region
Location Hectarage
Genting Bukit Sembilan Estate, Kedah 1,241
Genting Selama Estate, Kedah 1,830
Central Region
Location Hectarage
Genting Sepang Estate, Selangor 432
Genting Tebong Estate, Melaka 2,217
Genting Cheng Estate, Melaka 792
Genting Tanah Merah Estate, Johor 1,801
Southern Region
Location Hectarage
Genting Sri Gading Estate, Johor 3,425
Genting Sungei Rayat Estate, Johor / Genting Ayer Item Oil Mill 2,376
Genting Kulai Besar Estate, Johor 2,513


Location Hectarage
Genting Sabapalm Estate / Genting Sabapalm Oil Mill 4,360
Genting Indah Estate / Genting Indah Oil Mill 3,593
Genting Permai Estate 2,571
Genting Kencana Estate 2,018
Genting Mewah Estate / Genting Mewah Oil Mill 3,297
Genting Lokan Estate 2,314
Genting Sekong Estate / Genting Trushidup Oil Mill 3,037
Genting Suan Lamba Estate 3,718
Genting Jambongan Estate / Genting Jambongan Oil Mill 4,062
Genting Tanjung Estate / Genting Tanjung Oil Mill 4,345
Genting Bahagia Estate 4,548
Genting Tenegang Estate 3,653
Genting Landworthy Estate 4,039
Genting Layang Estate 2,077


West Kalimantan
Location Hectarage
Palmindo Estates / Mulia Oil Mill 76,115
Central Kalimantan
Location Hectarage
Asianindo Estates / Golden Hill Oil Mill 46,556
Globalindo Estates / Globalindo Oil Mill 40,993
South Kalimantan
Location Hectarage
KIU Estates / KIU Oil Mill 19,212

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