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The Biotechnology Division comprises the technology-based ACGT Sdn Bhd (“ACGT”) and Genting AgTech Sdn Bhd (“GAT”), its seed producing partner. Both ACGT and GAT were accorded BioNexus status by the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation Sdn Bhd in 2006 and 2009 respectively.

ACGT has successfully completed sequencing three genomes; the oil palm, jatropha and Ganoderma. These genomes, as well as ACGT’s R&D programme has helped better understand the genetics of oil palm yield potential and other traits. It has also contributed to the creation of ACGT’s Titanium Platform Technology, the industry’s most-complete oil palm reference genome.

ACGT’s Titanium Platform Technology also contributed towards the development of markers for the prediction of high yielding oil palm planting materials. Palms screened with these markers have been planted in GENP’s estates for validation. Such markers have the potential to be applicable for the selection of oil palm planting materials with superior yield for planting and breeding, thus addressing the industry’s demand for higher yielding oil palm.

ACGT won the ASOCIO (Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organisation) Outstanding User Organisation Award in 2015.

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